Meet the Family

I suppose I should briefly introduce the cast of characters you’ll be meeting in this blog.   Here goes!

Me – SAHM, which was  a hard title for me to get used to considering I have two Master’s degrees and a decade of professional experience in various fields, including one that I truly love.  Excited and terrified about the prospect of adding homeschooling to my list of duties…

The Man – my loving husband, who is extremely supportive of my homeschooling endeavors, even though it means that sometimes I am ready to walk out the door in search of an adult beverage as soon as he comes home at night.  He works in IT, and we met ten years ago while working for the same company.

Mr. Sensitive – our four-year-old son, who has this nickname because he is quite possibly the sweetest and most emotional child I’ve ever met.  He is my homeschooling guinea pig, as we are doing Pre-K this year with a curriculum I’ve hand-picked in the hopes that it will be meet his needs and not overwhelm him.

The Terminator- our three-year-old daughter, who is a darling but also a handful – not nearly as sweet and sensitive as her older brother.  She is attending preschool four mornings a week this year so I can work on homeschooling Mr. S with minimal interruptions; next year, I plan to teach them both at home!


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