Because I assumed (and rightly so) that our first week of homeschooling was going to be hectic, I only planned three days of school this week.  I thought Mr. S would be ready for a break too after three days straight, and I needed to drop off our items for a big local consignment sale this morning after we took T to preschool.  That process took about an hour, and then we went to Chick Fil A for a snack and I let Mr. S run around in their play area for a bit.  We didn’t get home until noon, but when we did he immediately ran down the hall to the schoolroom – and when I asked where he was going, he said, “It’s time to do school!”  I explained that we’re taking a day off because Mommy had some errands to run, and he was a little disappointed, but now he’s eating his lunch and watching Muzzy on tv.

Speaking of Muzzy, I’m wondering how effective it really is at introducing a new language.  I saw the ads on Sprout so often that I decided to order it, and Mr. S loves to watch it (I put it in for about 15 minutes at the end of our school time), but I don’t know how to tell if he’s getting anything out of it.  The Man speaks fluent Spanish, but he doesn’t often speak it at home because my Spanish is very limited.  I guess it’s just good to know Mr. S is being exposed to another language on a regular basis at such a young age.

And now I’m off to read him a book or two before we have to go pick up T from preschool…


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