Creation cookies

My theme for this week is Creation.  I’m primarily using the theme for the first two activities of our day, story time and arts and crafts, but it’s easy to tie creation into science too (i.e., walking around the neighborhood looking at trees and flowers and talking about how God created everything).

I really want to incorporate more than just Bible stories into our story time.  I found some great book suggestions online and happily was able to pick up four of them at our local library to use this week:

  • The Dreamer by Cynthia Rylant
  • Mr. & Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen by Nancy C. Wood
  • And God Created Squash by Martha Whitmore Hickman
  • In the Beginning by Rachel Isadora

Craft ideas to support the creation theme are also in abundance online.  Yesterday Mr. S made a cloud picture, which basically consisted of gluing stretched-out cotton balls onto a piece of blue construction paper – this delighted him to no end, as he loves all things glue-related.  Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll be working on a creation mobile, which will give him the chance to cut out a picture representing each day of creation, color or paint the pictures, and then assemble them into a mobile.  But today, the project was Creation Cookies.

The original idea was to make gingerbread men; we read Mr. & Mrs. God in the Creation Kitchen this morning, and then moved to the kitchen where we made gingerbread dough.  The dough needed to be refrigerated before we could use cookie cutters on it, and I belatedly realized I didn’t have a man-shaped cookie cutter, so I was happy to put the cookie-baking off until the afternoon.  (All I had were Christmas cookie cutters, and I didn’t think that really went well with the theme…)

After we picked up T from preschool, we headed to Target to look for a gingerbread man cutter.  Instead, I found a package of 101 cookie cutters for $9.99!  I took those home and washed them off while T napped, and when she woke up I selected several to represent creation and we got to baking.  There were so many designs to choose from in the 101 cutters, but I settled on shapes that represent the various days of creation – so we made stars, flowers, fish, birds, butterflies, rabbits, and men.

I was pretty impressed with how well they turned out!  I wasn’t sure the kids would like gingerbread, but T has eaten so many of them that I’m not sure how I’ll entice her to eat dinner.  Mr. S is much pickier, and he won’t touch them, but he was very interested in the process and that’s good enough for me!


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