Thursday Fun

It’s been a hectic week.  We’ve only done two days of school this week, due to attending the first co-op enrichment classes on Tuesday and then a meeting for a church organization yesterday, and quite frankly I think that’s all we’re going to do this week.  Next week is our county’s Fall Break, which means T will be home with us all week, making it unlikely that we’d really get anything accomplished – and we’re at a good stopping point with the reading and math lessons right now, so I’m taking advantage of that!

We did have fun today – we read Jan Brett’s On Noah’s Ark and then made a Fruit Loop rainbow.

First, Mr. S sorted the Fruit Loops by color:

Next, I helped him put lines of glue on a paper plate and he placed the cereal on the glue to make a rainbow:

Fruit Loops take us more space than I’d anticipated, plus we reached the end of Mr. S’s attention span, so the finished product only has four colors – but I think it looks pretty good!

After that, we had the dreaded reading lesson (he’s gaining confidence, and I seem to be gaining patience, so I hope they’ll be less dreaded soon), and then after practicing some pre-handwriting skills we took a break to play with Legos:

This got me thinking about my next theme, which will likely be The Tower of Babel – craft ideas should be easy, lots of building with various types of blocks to see how tall they can get before falling over!  I just have to find some decent story books to go with it…


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