Back to the grind

Fall break is over, so today I expected to get back to our regular schedule.  I should know by now to to expect anything to be normal, ever!  T was sniffly and coughing last week, and when I finally took her to the doctor on Friday they found she had a double ear infection.  I hoped that three days of antibiotics would make her happy and healthy enough to go to preschool today, and in fact I dropped her off this morning as usual – only to have the school call me an hour later and tell me to come get her because she’d done nothing but cry and sleep since she got there.  Poor baby, I guess she needs a little more rest!  Add to this chaos the fact that I was watching a friend’s 5-month-old baby this morning, and I’m feeling a little under the weather myself, and you can get an idea of how hectic my morning was.  We got home from T’s preschool just as my friend arrived to pick up her baby, and by then it was time to eat lunch – and needless to say, I hadn’t done anything even vaguely resembling school with Mr. S!  Oh well, so be it.

After lunch, I let the kids watch Sesame Street before putting T down for a much-needed nap; then it was off to the schoolroom for Mr. S and I, where we actually did manage to get some things accomplished.  Our theme this week is Fall, so we read Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson (I don’t love the Mouse books, although they are cute – but it was the only one I had on hand, and I didn’t have time to go to the library) and then I cut up an apple so he could make apple prints.  Note to self: remember that Mr. S does NOT like getting paint on his hands; for the next painting/stamping craft, I need to remember to put a fork in the stamping item so he doesn’t get messy!  Next we hit the 3 R’s – the reading lesson went really well, to my amazement; I’d expected some resistance after taking a week off, but he sailed right through it.  For writing, he’s practicing capital and lower case A’s this week.  Math was the big deal today – we’re on Lesson 9 of the Math U See primer, which is where it moves from basic shapes and counting to actually learning new things.  Today was the first lesson in place value, and I spent the weekend constructing a Decimal Street poster, only to find today that we had one that came with the curriculum!  Oh well, now we can use that one for practice and the colorful one I made can hang on the wall.  I was nervous about actually teaching math concepts, but Mr. S seemed to grasp it pretty quickly – we’ll work on the exercises all week so I can make sure he truly does understand it and isn’t just parroting back what I told him!

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print today.  I’ll leave you with a photo of the newest additions to our schoolroom – my Decimal Street poster (I haven’t added the hundreds castle yet, as we’re only working on units and tens this week) and a world map:


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