Bible books

I wasn’t thrilled with any of the autumn-themed books I got from the library this week; they were okay, but nothing spectacular.  Next year I’ll have to start researching further in advance to find really good ones!  However, that minor disappointment aside, we did read two excellent Bible picture books this week.

The first book, Sarah Laughs by Jacqueline Jules, tells the story of Abraham’s wife Sarah in a very sweet style appropriate for young children who may not understand some of the deeper notes of cynicism in the Bible story.  The illustrations are bright and beautiful, and this book has tremendous appeal.

The second book, The White Ram by Mordecai Gerstein, provides an unusual perspective on the story of Abraham preparing to sacrifice Isaac at God’s command – the story is told through the adventures of the white ram that eventually took Isaac’s place.  In addition to telling this story in a way that won’t be frightening to small children, this book also gives some information on the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashannah, which can be a plus if you want to introduce the topic of various cultural holidays with your kids.  Gerstein is a talented author and illustrator – his other works include the Caldecott-winning The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, which I also highly recommend.

I’m glad we’re done with school for this week.  Mr. S did very well with the introduction of Decimal Street in math, and even our reading lessons went smoothly; but we’ve all been a little under the weather, and that may be part of the reason my fall-related stories and activities were a bit of a disappointment.  Next week we’re doing a zoo theme, culminating with a trip to Zoo Atlanta on Friday!


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