Day at the Zoo

This week our theme was zoos – the zoo storybooks I got were not terribly well-received (with the exception of If I Ran the Zoo – Dr. Seuss is always a bit hit with Mr. S), but the zoo crafts were great fun.  We used a sponge to put spots on a giraffe, made a lion out of a paper plate painted yellow, and used a template I found online to make a koala craft using a toilet paper roll.  Mr. S was very excited about our trip to the zoo today!

Four is such a fun age – Mr. S really enjoyed hamming it up in all the cut-outs he could find, I have several pictures like this one (which is outside the meerkat exhibit).

The giraffe on the right was my favorite of all the animals we saw today – she’s a baby, born just two months ago at Zoo Atlanta!  One of the volunteers told us she loves to chase the ostriches (zebras, ostriches and giraffes are all together in one exhibit).  She was so adorable!

I love this picture of Mr. S and the tiger – he’s generally not fond of large animals (in fact, the lion was roaring when we passed its enclosure and he wouldn’t go near it after that), but this tiger didn’t scare him at all!

Two-year-old panda cub (they’re considered cubs until approximately three years of age) scratching on a log.

Kangaroos lazing about – supposedly one of the females has a baby in her pouch, but we didn’t get to see it.  Maybe next time!

Overall it was a lovely morning – perfect weather for a day at the zoo, and Mr. S had a good time – though his favorite thing at the zoo isn’t an animal at all, it’s the playground!  Go figure 🙂


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