Classical Conversations

I’ve recently heard about a program called Classical Conversations, and I am intrigued.  The basic concept is that a group of classical home educated families meets once a week and has tutors work with parents and kids, and then parents review the required memory work at home and supplement with a math and phonics/reading program of their choice.  I like the idea of my children having some exposure to teachers other than me, but within a classical framework; and I already have experience with Math U See, and my sister-in-law sent me her copy of The Writing Road to Reading, which is a comprehensive phonics/reading program for K-6 students.

My only concern is that I’ve heard that the Veritas cards can have a bit of an anti-Catholic bias.  Then again, I seem to have a different perspective on this than many Catholic families, probably because I wasn’t raised Catholic.  I came into the Church about five years ago, so I am not really afraid of broaching sensitive topics such as the Reformation with my kids – yes, the Church made mistakes, and I think the Reformation served as a wake-up call and led to reform inside the Church as well as the development of Protestantism.

Anyhow, I’ve contacted a local group and they’ve invited me to attend an upcoming session and get a feel for the group.  I’m not sure if we’ll enroll this year (I was thinking of doing it next year, when Mr. S is 5 and little T is 4, since the Foundations program is K4-6th grade) – but I’m certainly looking forward to finding out more about it!


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  1. Jennifer
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 02:17:48

    Wow, I have to say you really threw me for a loop when I clicked on your blog! I was reading about an eyebrow ring and BOOM! I’m on a site for homeschooling Catholic moms….
    Not that I’m knocking ya! You homeschooling Mommas are made of the the chunky peanut butter!..The real hardcore stuff. Us creamy counterparts don’t have that extra uummph!


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