I have so much to write about!  But sadly, it must wait until later in the week – or possibly next week.  The hinges on my beloved MacBook Air are broken, and DH is going to take it to the Apple store tomorrow but he thinks it will not be a quick fix; they’ll likely have to order parts or possibly ship it off for repairs.  We do have a desktop too, but it’s in our bedroom and therefore not as easily accessible throughout the day, so I’m not likely to be doing much blogging til I get it back.

However, I did want to make a note of a few things I want to remember to write about in more detail when I have the time:

  • Beginning tomorrow, I will be homeschooling not one but two preschoolers; I’ve withdrawn little T from our parish’s preschool program.  It’s a bit of a long story, suffice to say after much thought and prayer I feel this is the best decision for our family at this time.
  • We started our Jesse Tree today, and it was met with much enthusiasm!  I hope the kids continue to be excited about it.
  • I’m also doing Elf on a Shelf with them this year – which reminds me, I need to move our elf before I go to bed tonight.
  • I still want to record for posterity the titles of several great Thanksgiving picture books I found, even if we didn’t get to read them all last week due to my laryngitis.

And now it’s late, and I really must get some sleep…


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