Laptop woes

When my husband took my laptop to get repaired, I hoped it would take at most a week – and it would have been a quick repair, except that they had to order the parts.  The store called him yesterday and told him it will take 3-4 weeks to get the parts!  Although I must admit I’m getting a lot more done without a laptop to distract me, I hate that I’m falling woefully behind in both blogging and reading other blogs that I enjoy.

For posterity, I did want to note that our theme this week was gardening.  I know it seems strange to be talking about gardens in this remarkably cold weather, but I wanted to take a trip to the Botanical Gardens and used gardening books and crafts to get the kids excited about it.  The three books we read this week were The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart; From Seed to Pumpkin, by Wendy Pfeffer; and Jack’s Garden, by Henry Cole.  We also did garden-themed crafts – on Monday, the kids made a garden using construction paper cut-outs of grass, clouds, and sun; on Tuesday, we did apple prints (we’ve done this before, but this time I cut the apple in different shapes); and on Wednesday, we did leaf rubbings.  On Thursday, we took a field trip to the Botanical Gardens, which was fun except that Mr. S kept asking where the playground was!

Homeschooling two preschoolers is going well.  I really only need Little T to do busywork while I work with Mr. S on his reading and math, and I have a few workbooks which have been keeping her busy so far.  I’m still a little sad about the whole preschool situation, but really I think this is for the best.  I had anticipated that next year I might have some challenges integrating her into our home schooling, but what I didn’t anticipate was that Mr. S would be a bit territorial – apparently he’d decided that being taught at home by mommy was a privilege that he wasn’t sure he wanted to share with his sister, but he’s warmed up to the idea considerably after just one week.

Next week we’re jumping into Christmas stories and crafts.  The kids will love it, they’re already so excited to do our Jesse Tree activity every morning!  I think they’re most excited about the Hershey’s kisses in the Advent calendar, but at least they’re excited, right?!


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