Preparing for Christmas

Yesterday we started baking.  I put Little T and Mr. S to work peeling the wrappers off Hershey’s kisses so I could put them on peanut butter cookies (my mom calls these Peanut Blossoms, and it’s our family’s go-to Christmas cookie).  They did a great job, even if they did eat quite a few of the kisses!  You can also see our Advent wreath here – we light it every morning, and they color their Jesse tree ornaments here while I read them the corresponding verses from the Bible.

And here is our Jesse tree.  I bought it on eBay specifically because it has enough space to hang all the ornaments the kids will be creating between now and Christmas.  I wish I could remember where I downloaded the ornaments – I know it was one of the blogs that I read faithfully, but unfortunately there are so many of them that at this moment I can’t recall which it is!  When I figure it out, I’ll come back here and link to it. Edit:  I found it!  Here is the link.

This is our Advent calendar.  My sister gave it to us last year, and it’s perfect – each little door opens to a cubby that’s big enough for two Hershey’s kisses and a folded piece of paper with our Bible verses for the day and a short prayer.  Since Little T is 3 and Mr. S is 4, she gets to open the door on the odd-numbered days and he does it on even-numbered days.

Our stockings are literally hung by the chimney – after growing up in Miami, I truly relish having a fireplace this time of year!  On top of the mantle is our Nativity set.  My mother took a ceramics class the first year that she and my father were married (1959), and she made two of these sets – one for her and one for my grandmother.  Now I have one set and my sister has the other one, and even though it’s got a few chips and the donkey is missing an ear, it’s my most beloved Christmas decoration!  The only thing I don’t particularly like is that the baby Jesus and the manger are all one piece, so I can’t leave the Christ-child out until Christmas – unless I hold the manger back too.  Oh well!

And finally, here is our tree.  Growing up, we always had a fake tree because I was allergic to real trees (and a variety of other things, most of which I have fortunately outgrown); and so I have always felt more at home with fake trees than real ones.  We bought this particular tree about five years ago, and I love that it’s pre-lit – so the only lights I have to untangle are the ones that go outside!


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  1. Tiffany
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 21:42:15

    Your preparations look so festive! I especially love the beautiful nativity scene–what a treasure. Merry Christmas!



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