Getting organized

I was completely unmotivated and overwhelmed last week.  It wasn’t just school that had me down, though I wasn’t feeling much inspired by that – we just had so much going on and I didn’t feel like I had any time to relax or get myself back on track!  Tuesday was the first day back for our arts co-op, so Mr. S was excited to see his friends and Little T was slightly less excited about trying something new.  All the moms in the co-op are required to volunteer three or four times a quarter, and I got to do it last week – so instead of having a little downtime while the kids were occupied, I spend the morning shepherding Mr. S’s class (about 12 4-6 yr olds) to their classes and helping the teachers enforce a bit of classroom management.  It was fun, but exhausting!  Then on Wednesday, a church group I belong to had its monthly  meeting, and on Thursday I had arranged for us to visit a local Classical Conversations group to see if it’s something we want to participate in next year.

All three days, we had fun activities, but all three days we were running late and I felt disorganized.  On Tuesday, we didn’t get out of the house early enough to go to 9am Mass with the group before classes; on Wednesday, we were 20 minutes late for the meeting, which is problematic because I’m the group’s secretary and have to take minutes (fortunately, there’s a little extra time built into the schedule for socializing); and on Thursday, I felt rushed and forgot that I was supposed to bring our lunch so we could stay and socialize with the other families after the academic portion of the day ended.

I’m definitely not a morning person, but I hate feeling disorganized even more than I hate getting up early – so I decided it’s time for a change.  The only day we don’t seem to run late is Sunday, and that’s because I teach PREP (Parish Religious Education, for those of you whose churches might call it something different) at 8am, so I know I have to set an alarm and get up before the kids.  I’ve decided to try doing that during the week as well.  I was not excited when the alarm went off at 6am this morning, but it was nice to have time to work out and have a cup of coffee before the kids woke up.

Hopefully I can keep it up, and it will make our schedule feel less hectic going forward!  I’ve always been good at organizing some aspects of our life – for instance, I generally stay at least two weeks ahead when it comes to lesson planning – but I really need to be a better steward of our time.


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