Bible & Saint stories

In addition to our daily story book, we also read a Bible or saint story every day.  We read through the bedtime Bible book that I had initially selected in the fall, and rather than start over I began looking for something different to borrow from the library.  The bedtime book was a great general overview, but didn’t focus much on Jesus’ ministry and teachings, so the first books I got for us to read were Mary Hoffman and Jackie Morris’ Miracles and Parables:

These books were perfect for teaching the kids more about Jesus’ ministry.  Each contains about seven or eight stories, with citations showing what book and chapters of the Bible the story came from.

Now that we’ve finished these two, we’re moving on to saint stories.  I’m planning to use Carole Armstrong’s Lives and Legends of the Saints:

I like how she has associated each story with a piece of great artwork – it will not only expose Little T and Mr. S to the stories of Catholic saints, but will also have the added benefit of giving them a glimpse of some significant works of art.

In my research, I’ve found several great books that I just don’t think we’ll have time to get to during this school year, but I wanted to record them here for posterity’s sake!  Ruth Sanderson’s Saints: Lives and Illuminations and More Saints: Lives and Illuminations are two that I hope to use next year.

And two stories of specific saints that I also hope to use in the future are Kathleen Norris’ The Holy Twins: Benedict and Scholastica (illustrated by Tomie de Paola) and Bryce Milligan’s Brigid’s Cloak (illustrated by Helen Cann):

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