Valentine books

It’s February, and we’re getting hyped up for Valentine’s Day!  I managed to get quite a few  Valentine-themed books from the library, but I was disappointed to find that only a few of them were both meaningful and appropriate for my kids’ age level.  Oh well.

We read our first Valentine story book today – The Story of Valentine’s Day, by Clyde Robert Bulla and Susan Estelle Kwas:

This book is chock-full of interesting details about the history and traditions of Valentine’s Day.  It was a little too long for Mr. S and Little T’s attention spans, but with some minor editing it made a great intro to our Valentine’s Day unit!

Tomorrow and Friday, we’ll be reading stories about St. Valentine.  There really isn’t much in the way of picture books about him on the market, probably due to the vagueness and violence that plague this particular saint; but I did find two that I enjoyed (and was able to get from the library).

Saint Valentine by Ann Tompert is a little above the preschool level, but does a decent job of telling the story of the man who was martyred for his faith.

Robert Sabuda’s Saint Valentine is definitely my favorite of the two.  The illustrations and storyline are, in my opinion, much more approachable than the first book, especially for younger kids.

I’m a little disappointed that Tomie dePaola doesn’t have a St. Valentine book – I just discovered him at Christmas, and love the illustrations in his books!  Oh well, we’re already looking forward to reading his St. Patrick book in March!

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